Moroccan Caramello Hashish


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THC Percentage: 79.30%
CBD Percentage: 2%

Moroccan Caramello Hashish For Sale


Moroccan Caramelo Hash is usually the best grade hashish available in Spanish coffee shops. Spain seems to lead the world in sales. The chunks of hash normally weigh around 5 grammes. The hashish chunks have been hand shaped by artisans. When you purchase the best quality hash be prepared to pay a little more. I personally will pay for quality. This is a lesson learned over and over. Go ahead and pay if you know it’s good.
Fact or Fiction: The reason for their distinct ovaloid shape is that they are often carried in the gut of the courier. Sometimes they are inserted into the body via the anus but more often they are swallowed. Female couriers have another option. Unfortunately hashish smuggled in the gut often becomes tainted. The presentation of this hashish +/- 5 grammes, ovaloid, blackish exterior, rich brown interior, is a marker of quality. kingpen

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